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We handle a broad spectrum of immigration-related issues for individual and corporate clients. While our practice is centered in Florida, we represent clients throughout the United States, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, and internationally as well.  A significant part to our practice is dedicated to the area of criminal immigration. Many long time permanent residents that had contact with the criminal system earlier in their lives are now being confronted with the immigration consequences of their decision to accept a plea bargain.


If you are not a US Citizen and you get arrested, before you take a plea bargain, Call Immigration Attorney Donnette Russell-Love, Esq. to schedule a criminal immigration consultation today (954)449-1833.


There is no such thing as an easy plea for non US Citizens, and what you don’t know may hurt you.


The Law Office of Donnette Russell-Love, P.L may be able to help you if:

  • You are facing Deportation/Removal due to criminal arrest or conviction

  • You have been arrested or convicted of a crime (or two) and want to apply for US citizenship

  • You have been deported and want to legally gain Re-Entry into the US

  • You would like to immigrate to the US through a qualifying Family member or you would like to file on behalf of a qualifying family member

  • You need to retain the services of an Immigration attorney to work with your Criminal Defense attorney to determine appropriate options for your case.



US Visa Cancellation


Every year hundreds of people get into trouble with their US visas and need help rectifying the problem We work with individuals at various consulates to assist them with these visa issues.  Immigration Attorney Donnette Russell-Love, Esq. may be able to help you:


  • If you were arrested in the US but left before you could address the matter;

  • If you have open misdemeanor charges pending, that are preventing you from getting a visa or traveling to the US;

  • If your visa has been cancelled for any reason and you don’t know what to do next;

  • If you have lost your US visa due to past criminal convictions and need a waiver

  • If you have relatives in the US that have overstayed their visas and need the advice of an immigration attorney

  • If you have a relative in custody in the US facing deportation or removal;



Get Professional, Candid, Honest advice about your situation.


Call us or email us today at to schedule an appointment

*Telephone and In-office consultations are available.

*Fees apply



Additionally We can help you with a host of other Immigration matters concerning:

  • Green Cards / Immigrant Visas

  • Naturalization / Citizenship

  • Family Based Petitions

  • Marriage Based Petitions

  • Adjustment of Immigration Status

  • K-1 Visas for Fiancées of US Citizens

  • Deportation / Removal

  • Criminal Immigration Matters

  • US Visa Cancellations


Whatever your immigration concerns, we can help. Contact us today. (954)449-1833

Call us or email us today at to schedule an appointment

*Telephone and In-office consultations are available.

*Fees apply


Consular Processing: If an individual is in another country, he or she may apply for a visa or green card in the U.S. embassy of his or her home country.  My office is able to facilitate all of the paperwork.


Adjustment of Status: If an individual is in the US and would like to change from a non-immigrant status to an immigrant status (green card), my office can assist in properly advising you on the best approach for your case to facilitate a smooth transition from one status to another, and professionally guide you through the process.


Criminal Deportation/Removal Defense: We represents immigrants in the United States who face possible removal from the U.S. - especially those who have been charged or convicted of a crime.


PERM Applications E-1/E-2 - Treaty Country Investor Visas  EB1 - National Interest Waiver, Alien Of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professor Or Researcher, Multinational Executive  EB2 - Member Of Profession Holding An Advanced Degree Or Alien Of Exceptional Ability  EB3 - Skilled Worker Or Professional EB4 - Any Other Worker  EB5 - Immigrant Investor and  L-1 - Inter-Company Transferees Visas

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